About Julie

Successful Real Estate Investing

Julie is a recognized “Diamond” member of REIN – the Real Estate Investment Network.  She has completed over 300 deals with a total value of over $80 Million.

How To Buy Revenue Properties

Julie has a passion for helping other up-and-coming Real Estate Investors.  Watch her videos to learn and avoid some of the “landmines” that Julie unfortunately discovered the hard way.

Julie Hoffman’s History

Julie was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, USA.  She attended University in Nebraska for 8 years and became a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She Married Geoff Hoffman in 1999, and shortly thereafter read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – a book on personal finance, cashflow, investing, financial freedom, and wealth building.

Real Estate Beginnings

She and her husband quickly purchased three rental properties while Julie continued to work full-time as a Physical Therapist.

When Julie became pregnant with her first child she fully intended upon eventually returning to work as a full time Physical Therapist.

Upon the birth of her first child, though, Julie fell “madly in love” with her brand new baby daughter and vowed to spend as much time as possible with her as possible.


Now a mother to five – yes FIVE – children, Julie’s days are very full as both a professional Real Estate Investor and overtime mother.

Julie loves being a “classroom mom”, volunteering regularly in her kids’ classes.  Julie also enjoys regular Yoga classes, as well as finding a few quiet moments with her husband.

The Future

Julie hopes to help share her knowledge and experience with other Real Estate Investors.

Over the next 5-10 years, Julie looks forward to doing more teaching in the area of Real Estate Investing, as well as more property development.

Stay in Touch with Julie

To stay in touch with Julie, and benefit from her experience of 10 years, 300+ deals, $80M of property, and surviving the very nasty 2007 recession – all while raising five kids – join Julie’s newsletter at http://www.JulieHoffmanTV.com.

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