Cloverdale (Surrey, B.C.)

This Property has been Sold!  :)
This Property has been Sold! 🙂

Cloverdale (Surrey, British Columbia)

Are you tired of renting?Looking to get a head start on Homeownership?Or maybe you are a Real Estate Investor who would like to expand your Portfolio?!?!?This is a great home! It has over 1600 square feet and lots of wonderful features! Too many to list here on this ad (Sorry! ;)). It’s close to schools, parks and all amenities in a QUIET, peaceful neighbourhood. Please enjoy the video that is attached for description (ummm, I’m STILL learning how to use a smartphone- please excuse that fact that it looks a little funny!!!) and email me, phone me, or message me for details. This home is available right away. I look forward to hearing from you! And thank you for your Interest!!! 
$364,000 Purchase price in 4 Years!!! (yes, you have THAT much time to save for down payment, repair credit, prepare for financing).$2200 per month (includes taxes, insurance, Condo Fees and Down Payment Savings Plan!)

Enjoy a video tour!

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