I Had To Get a Court Order To Seize Rents – part 1


Many years ago – back in High School – I had an opportunity to stand up for myself, yet I didn’t. I regretted that decision my entire senior (grade 12) year….
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…and the lesson I learned has paid off again and again…

Learning to stand up for myself was a painful lesson that has turned into profits for me; it has truly paid off in spades. I am so incredibly grateful of this high school experience…

What happened?

Back in High School I played basketball on the school team, and did fairly well. At the beginning of my final year, the coach pulled me aside and told me he wanted to replace me in the starting line-up with one of my teammates.

Instead of standing up for myself, I simply said “OK”, assuming that the coach knew best.

What REALLY happened?

Looking back, I realize that my coach was giving me an opportunity to stand up for myself, to say “NO – I want to start, and I will make you happy of this decision.”

Yet I caved in and didn’t fight for my opportunity.

How This Has Helped Me in Real Estate Investing?

In the big Real Estate boom of the early-2000s, properties were absolutely flying on and off the market.

We’re talking purchases being made “sight-unseen”, with multiple offers, all over “list”… within minutes of properties being listed.


This isn’t the kind of environment where you can afford to sit on the sidelines, to hesitate or be pushed over by a competitor.

I had learned my lesson in High School, and promised myself I wouldn’t ever let a competitor beat me without any kind of fight. If I wanted to be “in” the game, I was really going to go for it.

What About Your Life?

Is there something in your life that you could take a stand for?

– A promotion?

– A relationship?

– A business that has messed you around?

– A partner that has mistreated you?

I hope this is inspiration for you. And if you want to take a stand and build your real estate protfolio, contact me: julie@juliehoffmanTV.com to see how I might be able to help you stand up for yourself, your goals, in the world of real estate.

Until Next Time,

Julie 🙂

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