Real Estate Investing – Take Decisive Action!

Blink And You Miss An Opportunity

…and sometimes the wrong decision is better than no decision.

Taking Decisive Action

I’ve taken months to make decisions and I’ve also taken minutes.  Often the more decisive I am the more successful I am.

The Price of NOT Taking Decisive Action

One of my first-ever tenants – 300 deals ago – consistently bounced cheques on me.  I let this continue and it was a massive headache to chase this person down for rent cheques.  I let this go on for way too long.

Recently I had 12 vacancies sitting in my portfolio, costing me $7,000/mo.  We nearly lost the whole property.  Again – very expensive!

What Changes Happen When You DO Take Decisive Action

I had an opportunity to work with someone that might be able to fill my 12 vacancies.  I didn’t have to think about this opportunity for more than 15 minutes… I took decisive action.  Within just a few weeks 11 of the 12 vacancies were filled because I finally decided to take decisive action.

This improved our bottom line by $7,000/mo, and we saved the building.  All because of Decisive Action.

How About You?

Is there something that you have been wavering on for awhile?  What would it do for you if you simply went for it… you “ripped the bandaid off”… you took decisive action…. what kinds of results might you expect?

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    You have always maintained a strong and decisive character in the execution and operation of a solid real estate business. As a REIN member myself, I think it is fantastic that you now wish to share these masterful skills of determination that have carried you through both booming and recessionary economic times with new and seasoned investors alike. Wishing you success in this and future ventures!

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