I Had To Get a Court Order To Seize Rents – part 2

Standing Up For Myself

This is a two-part blog post. Part 1 is here.

Standing up for myself has helped me big time…. part 2.

When I was in High School I had this basketball coach and there was another player on the team who was pretty good, and had a very pushy mom.

And I believe (although I don’t know this for a fact), that my teammate’s mom had “gotten to him” and pressured him to Start this other player over me.

So he called me into his office and asked me what I wanted to do.  So me being the nice person said, “go ahead and start her over me if you think that’s what’s best, coach”.

He was giving me an opportunity to stand up for myself ad and I Lost it!  I gave it away to someone who didn’t deserve it.

So I played my final year of basketball NOT STARTING even though I was the better player.

And it was TORTURE!!!

I remember celebrating after my last game because it was such a tough time for me.

I had the opportunity to stand up and say “NO, I am a better player and I deserve to start and she doesn’t. Period!”

Standing Up To Avoid Financial Catastrophe

Fairly recently, We were in another business situation where one of the officers in our company was not cooperating, so we had to stand up for ourselves from a legal perspective.

We had to remove him as an officer, and as a director, in addition, we had to get court orders in order to seize rents that were being mis-handled.

We had to do this in order to salvage what we could financially.  And it was hard because we basically had to stand up to him and protect ourselves.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to speak up and stand up against something that is just not right.

Maybe you are seeing theft happening in the workplace, or maybe you have a customer or even a boss acting inappropriately, I encourage you to take a stand.

The more you do this, it will get easier and easier and will serve you well in life.

See you next time,


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I Had To Get a Court Order To Seize Rents – part 1


Many years ago – back in High School – I had an opportunity to stand up for myself, yet I didn’t. I regretted that decision my entire senior (grade 12) year….
[youtube width=”640″ height=”336″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6F4nzYv0rU[/youtube]

…and the lesson I learned has paid off again and again…

Learning to stand up for myself was a painful lesson that has turned into profits for me; it has truly paid off in spades. I am so incredibly grateful of this high school experience…

What happened?

Back in High School I played basketball on the school team, and did fairly well. At the beginning of my final year, the coach pulled me aside and told me he wanted to replace me in the starting line-up with one of my teammates.

Instead of standing up for myself, I simply said “OK”, assuming that the coach knew best.

What REALLY happened?

Looking back, I realize that my coach was giving me an opportunity to stand up for myself, to say “NO – I want to start, and I will make you happy of this decision.”

Yet I caved in and didn’t fight for my opportunity.

How This Has Helped Me in Real Estate Investing?

In the big Real Estate boom of the early-2000s, properties were absolutely flying on and off the market.

We’re talking purchases being made “sight-unseen”, with multiple offers, all over “list”… within minutes of properties being listed.


This isn’t the kind of environment where you can afford to sit on the sidelines, to hesitate or be pushed over by a competitor.

I had learned my lesson in High School, and promised myself I wouldn’t ever let a competitor beat me without any kind of fight. If I wanted to be “in” the game, I was really going to go for it.

What About Your Life?

Is there something in your life that you could take a stand for?

– A promotion?

– A relationship?

– A business that has messed you around?

– A partner that has mistreated you?

I hope this is inspiration for you. And if you want to take a stand and build your real estate protfolio, contact me: julie@juliehoffmanTV.com to see how I might be able to help you stand up for yourself, your goals, in the world of real estate.

Until Next Time,

Julie 🙂

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Surround Yourself With Cheerleaders!

Who Wants You To Win?

This could be parents, friends, a significant other, kids… could be anyone. Usually the more “Cheerleaders” that you have the better!

Who Tears You Down?

These are the people that don’t want you to win.

Maybe it’s because they don’t think it’s possible… maybe they love you and are worried for you because you are doing something they aren’t familiar with.

Maybe it’s someone who is jealous of your dream.  Seeing you really “going for it” makes them realize how small they are playing.

Maybe it’s someone who you’ve had conflict with in the past.

Surround Yourself with Support

On so many occasions I’ve called my parents to say Hi.

And they are always there, firmly behind me – “Go Julie Go!!!”

Mentally, Are You With Your Cheerleaders Too?

When I’ve gone through tough times, I might be physically with my kids, my husband, my friends.

Yet my mind is racing, thinking about the nasty people in my life, the unfavourable situations.

How sad is that?

I’ve got my beautiful children surrounding me, yet I am silently brooding, thinking “Oh, I should have said this”.  Even though I am physically with my kids, in every other sense I am still with that person who wants me to lose – mentally, spiritually, pschologically.  I might as well be physically in the same room as them.

It’s not Just Physical

So be aware of where your thoughts are, just as much as where your body is.  Being fully present with your Cheerleaders means to be fully present – 100% of you – not just the physical.

Love and Encouragement

So find your Cheerleaders, give them love and encouragement as they do the same for you.

This will make all the difference in your life, in your Real Estate Investing…. especially in the tough times.


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Real Estate Investing With Other Peoples’ Money (OPM) – Since the 2007 Recession

How to Invest in Real Estate With Other Peoples’ Money (OPM)

Here are two main tips that I’ve got for you today…

1) Be very clear about both the RISK as well as the OPPORTUNITY when speaking to prospective investors

Make it clear that there is a very real chance of losing money, even if it seems like a SLAM DUNK.  Nobody wants losses to happen, however it is a possibility.

2) Be willing to give up the majority of profits, especially if you are newer in the world of Real Estate Investing

Doing this helps you get your foot in the door and get started.

Consider starting at 90% (investor) / 10% (you) on your first deal.  This will maximize your chance of getting started with those first few deals… which will give you both experience and a track record that will help build confidence in your ability to handle the critical job of actually managing rental properties.

In subsequent deals you can change the ratio; maybe the second deal will be 80-20, then 70-30… be willing to be generous.

The Game Has Changed Since 2007… Investors are Weary

After the massive real estate changes of 2007, investors are as weary as ever when it comes to investing in Real Estate, so being extensively generous like this will help to assuage their fears, and make investing with you attractive.

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Why I Invest in Real Estate – How About You?

The REAL Reason Runs Deep

It’s usually so much more than money…
I began investing shortly after my husband and I got married.  I was a Physical Therapist at the time.

When I first became pregnant, I took time off and planned to go back after my maternity leave.

As soon as I saw my first-born for the first time, I fell in love, and knew that I had to find a way to spend as much time as I could with her (and subsequently all my children – I now have 5).

Real Estate Has Offered Me Time Freedom

Now, I can be the “school Mom” when I want to be, or whatever other role I want to play in my kids’ lives.

Make no mistake – I still work hard as a Professional Real Estate Investor.  However I get to choose my own hours and fulfill my dreams of spending special time with my kids.

Power of My “Why Reason”

I’ve had many huge challenges, especially with the recession of 2007.

What has really pulled me though the tough times has been the drive that I feel when I think of my kids and the special time that we get together.  If it weren’t for this profound inspiration, I’m not sure where I would be today.

What is YOUR “Why Reason” to be successful as a Real Estate Investor?

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Real Estate Investing – Take Decisive Action!

Blink And You Miss An Opportunity

…and sometimes the wrong decision is better than no decision.

Taking Decisive Action

I’ve taken months to make decisions and I’ve also taken minutes.  Often the more decisive I am the more successful I am.

The Price of NOT Taking Decisive Action

One of my first-ever tenants – 300 deals ago – consistently bounced cheques on me.  I let this continue and it was a massive headache to chase this person down for rent cheques.  I let this go on for way too long.

Recently I had 12 vacancies sitting in my portfolio, costing me $7,000/mo.  We nearly lost the whole property.  Again – very expensive!

What Changes Happen When You DO Take Decisive Action

I had an opportunity to work with someone that might be able to fill my 12 vacancies.  I didn’t have to think about this opportunity for more than 15 minutes… I took decisive action.  Within just a few weeks 11 of the 12 vacancies were filled because I finally decided to take decisive action.

This improved our bottom line by $7,000/mo, and we saved the building.  All because of Decisive Action.

How About You?

Is there something that you have been wavering on for awhile?  What would it do for you if you simply went for it… you “ripped the bandaid off”… you took decisive action…. what kinds of results might you expect?

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Why Getting Experience Is Everything

Would You Give YOU Money to Invest?

Experience gives you credibility, and a launch pad into more and more deals that are bigger and bigger.

Experience in Real Estate Investing

Gives you the confidence and poise to handle difficult situations.

Gives you a track record that can help you raise money and win over partners.

Beginning in Real Estate Investing

There are many ways that you can get your feet wet really quickly. You could:

  • Volunteer to Help an Established Real Estate Investor
  • Work at a Property Management company, possibly for free

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